A little bit about the Guru.

I have been in marketing for shopping centers for over 30 years, but 25 years ago I found myself overflowing with creative ideas about how to enhance the retail industry from a marketing perspective and I was ready to take creative control of my life. As a result, I became the original marketing guru at Creative Marketing Arts. Creative Marketing Arts, or CMA for short, helps shopping centers bring clientele to their center. We plan events, develop ideas to enhance the physical appearance of our shopping centers, keep up to speed on all things social media, and create new and effective ways to pique public interest in our centers with the intent to stimulate the retail economy.

Aside from being a business owner, I am also a certified yoga instructor as well as a mother to my 24 year-old daughter, Kelley. Managing a blossoming 25 year-old company as well as a 24 year-old human can be overwhelming, and I sometimes find myself feeling like I am in a rut that I will never emerge from. I created this blog in an effort to help share how I manage it all through “getting centered” both personally and professionally. So let’s venture out and GET CENTERED!